Every month we organise Monthly Sai Jhulelal Chand Pooja & Arti followed by hath prasadi at our office cum mandir.


Our Activities

SINDHU SEVA DAL was established in 1984. Programmes Organised by Sindhu Seva Dal are:

      1.We organise Medical Camp in the month of January.
      2.We organise Matrimonial get-together Event in the month of February.
      3.We organise Cheti Chand Mela on a Large scale. Around Three to Four thousand people be a part of our Mela. Also free Buffet dinner is served. On this Mela big artists come to participate for Music & dance performances. Also some children participate for dance.
      4.We also feolcitate and honour prominent personaolties on this Cheti Chand Mela.
      5.Sai Jhulelal Rath Yatra is organised in a big scale a day before Cheti chand Mela.
      6.We also distribute Book & Stationery to the needy students of schools in the May and June.
      7.We organise Dance competation/ Sindhi Drama by the students of the Schools in the month of August.
      8.We feolcitate Sadhu Vaswani Rath Yatra near our Padamjee Compound in the month of November.
      9.We also give Medical help to the needy people and also help for marriage to any needy girl.

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