Annual Activities

Sindhu Seva Dal was doing different activities throughout the year.

1994: On 13th February 1994 saw us holding meeting at Poona Club to release our ambitious project namely the printing of souvenir for which we had worked hard, for nearly a year. This was done so at the auspicious hands of Lalit Sangtani, then the Chief Guest of the occasion. Prominent Sindhi personalities like Shri K. P. Baney, Dada Gangaram Sajandas and Ms. Gera were invited to speak on the achievements and life of Sindhis.On 16th April 1994 gave rise to the celebration of Cheti Chand. On the occasion a musical party was organized by Lakhmichand Khilani, who was called from Gandhidham - Gujarat. A Mahapuja was conducted at Dagdu Sheth Halwai Trust at which prominent personality like the Mayor of Pune Shri Somji was invited. And also a procession on the same day was taken out on M. G. Road. Sindhi Food Festival was also organized for which contribution on a large scale was given by Sindhu Seva dal. Dada T. L. Vaswani procession was welcomed on 23rd November 1994.

1993: The year 1993 gave rise to the increase of the number of members in Sindhu Seva Dal. From the 19th to the 23rd February 1993, Sindhu Seva Dal along with the members of Saraswati Co-operative Housing Society, celebrated Mahashivaratri onlarge scale. Cheti Chand celebrations were held on 27th March 1993. On this occasion Mr. Ghanashyam Telreja was invited to grace the occasion as Chairman. Mrs. Padma Shivdasani, a social worker, Mr. Rukmani Chainani ex-principal of Navin Hind High School and Mr. Ramesh Kriplani a Scientist were invited for being honored at the occasion. This year, note books were distributed for an amount of Rs. 7,000/-. A get together of Sindhi doctors of Pune-Pimpri was organized on the 19th Sept 93, at Poona ClubMainhall with a view to have dialogue with doctors regarding the medical service for sick and needy persons. As much as 75 doctors attended the meeting, which was presided by Doctor Baldev Dudani , Mr. Sital Meghnani, Director of Inlakhs and Budhrani Hospital, Dr. G. H. Relwani, Dr. Khunchandani of Pimpri were also present. This program was a grand success. On 25th March 1993 a twist was given to the objects of the trust in a way that not only helping the Sindhi Community, we did a good will gesture of sending sweets (jillebies) to Poona School Home for the Blind and to the society for welfare of the physically handicapped. As usual Dada T. L. Vaswani's procession was welcomed on 23rd November 1993.

1990: Cheti chand was celebrated on 31st March, 1990. Bherano and Chej were followed by a cultural program by Mr. Shyam Narayan and party of Ulhasnagar. Prominent social worker and advocate Mr. J. H. Makhijani was felicitated. This time the Preeti Bhoj was attended by nearly 1000 members of the Sindhi Community. This year the notebooks were distributed to the needy students in the beginning of the academic year. A Sindhi Play "Pahinjo Dushsman" was orgnaised by Mr. L. Khilani of Adipur (Kutch), was held on 18th November 1990 at Nehru Memorial Hall.

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