Cheti Chand Mela

23rd march 2023 Day’s remaining

Jhulelal is a revered saint in the Sindhi community, who is worshipped as the Ishta Dev (personal deity) by many Sindhis. Jhulelal is also known as Uderolal, and his name literally means “Lord of the Swing” in Sindhi.

The story of Jhulelal has many versions, but one popular version goes as follows: Jhulelal was born to a Hindu family in Sindh, which is now part of Pakistan. When he was a young boy, he disappeared and was presumed dead. However, years later, he reappeared on the banks of the river Indus, where he began to preach a message of unity and tolerance.

Jhulelal is considered a unifying force in the region, bringing together Hindus and Muslims in a shared devotion to him. His message of unity, tolerance, and harmony is still celebrated today by the Sindhi community, and his annual festival, Cheti Chand, is a major event in the Sindhi calendar.
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  Sindhu Seva Dal Celeberates Every year Chetichand Mela On eve of cherichand Thousands of people from Sindhi and other community attend the mela where we organise starts with ,jhulelal puja (behrana and aarti).and prasad of traditional tahiri and thadal is distributed followed by entertainment proggrames from various sindhi artiste singer’s comedian, child artiste’s from school’s, dance across India, we Honour  sindhi celeberities acheived honours in various fields, and is followed by preeti bhoj (Langar)

Artist who will perform 23 march 2023

Neal Talreja is a versatile Artist, Singer and Music Composer from Mumbai, IndIa famous by the name Rockstar Neal. He is performing Music shows from last 10 years

An anchor, comedian, actor and more!

Having a Bachelor’s degree in  Engineering, Mohit worked for popular brands like Hindustan Times and Dainik Bhaskar for 6 years before he made a life changing decision to quit his job and hone his skills to perform on stage, in front of a live audience, as a Stand- up comedian.



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