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Cheti Chand Celebration

26 mar'20
  • 2nd April 2022
  • Alpa Bachat Hall, Pune

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Jhulelal Rath Yatra

  • Start from Pudumjee Compound Office to Nishat, Babajan Chowk, Priya Hotel, MG Road, Aurora Towers, Clover Center,Hotel Supriya, Mittal Court,Quarter gate, Back to Office

We Believe in Humanity

The Sindhu Seva Dal was established in the year 1987 with the mission of promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Sindhi community which has been around since the times of the ancient Sindhu valley civilization Mohen-jo-doro and Harrappa. Sindhis have also survived the on slot of the Afghan Mughal and other conquerors. We believe that the time has come to unite the highly successful business oriented and professionally minded Sindhi community and bring the Sindhis together on a powerful platform.

Every year we organize cheti chand mela on the day of chetichand which is attended by thousands of sindhis,we have also organised blood donation camps,dance competion of sindhi managed school,distribute note books to needy students.organised medical camps,given medical help needy persons,arranged marriages for needy poor girls. We have started matrimonial services for sindhi's and organised various successful events for get together of to be brides and groom.

Our Dreams

The Sindhu Seva Dal plans to setup a world class cultural center for the benefit of the Sindhi community. This visionary project is called The Sindhu Bhavan. The proposed Sindhu Bhavan is estimated to cost Rs. 5 Cr. This unique cultural facility will be centrally located in Pune city. The Bhavan will promote cultural and literary activities. A Sindhi language promotion initiative will alsio be launched. The Bhavan will also house a culture club alongwith studio apartments for travelers. We plan to launch SSD chapters in other parts of the country. We propose to create a web based platform to bring together The Sindhi community world wide. We also propose to setup a Oldage Home (Vruddhashram) for the senior citizens of Sindhi community.


Eversince its inception the Sindhu Seva Dal has been promoting the Sindhi culture with a view to preserve the communities best traditions. The Sindhu Seva Dal conducts various activities such as Inter School Cultural Dance Competition, distribution of notebooks to the needy students, distribution of sweets and prasad during the procession of Sadhu Vaswani Rath Yatra and its welcome function at Padamji Compound Camp Pune. On this occassion Revered Dada J. P. Vaswani delivers a popular lecture and he is felicitated. The Sindhu Seva Dal also organizes the annual Cheti Chand Mela which attracts large crowds. The Sindhu Seva Dal plans to establish a Sindhu Bhavan. This ambitious project is estimated to cost Rs. 5 Cr. We wish to take this opportunity to appeal to you to come forward and generously contribute your financial assistance will go a long way in converting our dreams in to a realizable vision.

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